Saturday, August 24, 2013

Manteo - Pirate Adventure, Festival Park

Great day trip if you are staying anywhere from Duck south on the Outer Banks.   From Corolla it would be a bit too far for most families.... Ours enjoy walking around the "downtown" shops, eating on the waterfront, a small playground on the waterfront and then 2 other main activities if you have kids..... From the Milepost 1 it is probably about a 25 minute drive to Manteo.....

Pirate Adventure

During the summer season a troupe provides a Pirate outing on a boat that is well designed and run for kids and their families.   You meet the group in town where pirate songs are taught and some face-painting or tattooing is provided.   The group then parades across to the waterfront for the adventure ...... well "acted" by the troupe and lots of fun for kids 8 and under.....

Manteo - Festival Park  - Museum and Grounds


Another outing well worth it for all ages..... We've gone with our children and grandchildren, but we've also gone with friends our age who enjoyed the outing as well.

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